Metropolis, the Big Apricot, the City of Tomorrow - the great seaport city Superman and Lois Lane call home, where the skyline is dominated by the great rooftop globe of the Daily Planet. Forget the Big Apple, Metropolis is where it's at.

Welcome to the World of Superman as depicted in the Superman movies with material from West End Games and DC Comics. We also have articles on how the real world works extrapolated to the fictional city of Metropolis, the City of Tomorrow.

The working definition of canon being used:

  • 1 - was in the shown film (or on the DVD)
  • 2 - in a script which may or may not have been released on the internet: Script Index
  • 3 - Interviews with writers and directors concerning the films.
  • 4 - An official novelization of the film.
  • 5 - DC Comics or affiliated publications (the RPG sourcebooks, the DK publications)

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