Ace O' Clubs1
One of Metropolis's most colorful establishments with one of Metropolis's most colorful residents as its owner. The Ace O'Clubs is one of Superman's favorite eating places - just ask the owner, Bibbo, Superman's biggest fan.
Cost: $
Rating: *
Food: A full menu that offers hamburgers, BLTs, and a selection of beverages, domestic and imported.
Foodie's Notes: Not for the weak of heart (or body), the Ace O'Clubs is often frequented by some of Metropolis's finest (usually because of a disagreement between the management and the clientèle). Although its reputation precedes it, Bibbo will make sure that anyone who comes to his place will have nothing but the best service he can provide.

Bessolo Bistro1
Located in the heart of Queensland Park, the "Bess" has been a hangout for generations. Every four years, it becomes one of the town's meeting places as national news networks want to see what the common man thinks about the presidential election.
While the Bess has gone noticeably upscale since it opened, lunch, dinner, and breakfast are still served there seven days a week to both blue and white collar workers, as well as more than a few local celebrities. Many come to enjoy its friendly atmosphere and historic Metropolis memorabilia.
Cost: $$
Rating: **
Food: Home cooking featuring hearty American fare. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner available; breakfast served all day.
Foodie's Notes: Try the meatloaf! It's the best you've had since your mom's! And don't miss the apple pie with cheddar cheese.

Big Belly Burger1
Another chain that started right here in Metropolis, Big Belly is, right beside Superman, the pride of the city, with enough loyal patrons year in and year out to keep competition limited.
Chef Mike, the owner of the chain, still works at the downtown Big Belly, located just one block east from the Daily Planet. Most days, you can catch Planet columnists and staffers grabbing a quick lunch.
Cost: $
Rating: ***
Food: Burgers, fries, chicken, and other typical fast-food fare
Foodie's Notes: The Triple Belly Flopper followed by the Chocoholic Shake is a piece of Heaven on Earth.

Carlisle's Bakery1
The "cake store" to long-time residents of the city, Carlisle's originally opened in 1864 after Arthur Carlisle returned from the Civil War and declared that he would never again take arms against his fellow man.
A touch exclusive, Carlisle's is a historic stop on many city tours.
Cost: $$$
Rating: ***
Food: Cakes, mostly. A few other delicacies, including pastries and cookies, are available.
Foodie's Notes: Had a slice of a Carlisle cake once - tasted like I was eating a piece of Heaven.

Chez Joey's1
One of Metropolis's finer dining establishments, Chez Joey's is known throughout town as the home of the signature 16-ounce filet mignon served, still sizzling, in front of you on a 500-degree plate. Fresh seafood is also a feature, as well as excellent Desserts by Shari, which Joey's ships worldwide.
Chez Joey's is also famous for its generous servings and fabulous open kitchen that allows guests to watch their dinner being prepared. The restaurant also features Metropolis's most comprehensive wine cellar, with over 200 labels in stock.
Perfect for a formal dinner, a romantic getaway, or a late-night dessert, Chez Joey's is Metropolis's premier fine-dining address.
Cost: $$$$
Rating: *****
Food: Filet Mignon, seafood. World-renown desserts.
Foodie's Notes: The Joey filet followed by a slice of the truffle cheesecake is sure to impress your date.

Dooley's Bar & Grill1
Dooley's has long been the after-hours home to many employees from downtown banks, law firms, television stations, and newspapers. In fact, Dooley himself dubbed one room the "news room" thanks to reporters from the Planet, the Star, WGBS, and the Whisper frequenting the bar so much.
Dooley's is a bar, but children accompanied by parents are welcome to eat there prior to 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $$$
Rating: ***
Food: Bar fare featuring appetizers, sandwiches, and ribs.
Foodie's Notes: Try the Headliner Wings - the best hot wings this side of Buffalo - but don't forget something to drink!

Metropolis's best Asian restaurant, Dynasty features Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai food in its five "dynasty" floors. While it may sound intimidating, each floor has the feel of its own restaurant with wonderful ambiance. Located at the southern end of Chinatown on New Troy, Dynasty is best known as the location were Hong Kong action star Wong Lee quieted a near riot in the kitchen by talking to the chefs rather than hitting them. That intervention is rumored to have been responsible for starting Lee's movie career in the United States.
Cost: $$$$
Rating: ****
Food: Asian delights from Southern and Eastern Asia.
Foodie's Notes: Never miss an opportunity for General Tso's Chicken!

Jerk Pit1
Jerk Pit is an authentic Caribbean jerk restaurant located near Little Jamaica in Queensland Park. While it was opened at the back of the owner's house, the restaurant proved so successful that the house became the restaurant, and the owner found a new (and bigger) place to live.
Known citywide as the starting place of the springtime Carnival, the Jerk Pit is quickly becoming one of Metropolis' trendier spots. Check it out for lunch and dinner.
Cost: $$
Rating: ***
Food: Authentic jerk-seasoned chicken and beef with special seafood entrées available as well.
Foodie's Notes: Try Jerk Chicken Delight with a Coconut Milk chaser.

Karl's Pump and Brew1
Built inside what used to be an auto repair shop, Karl's is famous for its wings, ribs, and steaks. Guests can be seated in the Hot Rod Room, Cycle Central, or under the Lift, where a genuine Tucker sits. This classic car was restored by Mickey "The Mechanic" Cannon, who used to work there when the restaurant was an auto shop.
Cost: $$$
Rating: ***
Food: Great wings, sandwiches, steaks, and ribs. Thursday night is seafood night.
Foodie's Notes: Great atmosphere and food. Check out the joint on Friday and Saturday nights for Karl's Garage Band Weekends, featuring some of the best in the local music scene.

Kurtzberg Bakery1
A traditional German bakery located on Clinton Avenue, Kurtzberg is famous for its rolls, breads, and pastries. In fact, it's often been said that Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie from Kurtzberg's isn't Thanksgiving. The business manager bears that out, reporting that orders for the holidays begin coming in around mid-August, and are usually capped by late September.
Cost: $ to $$$ depending on order
Rating: ***
Food: Baked goods and other treats.
Foodie's Notes: Get there early in the morning if you're looking for fresh donuts! They open at 5:00 A.M.

LeMarvin Bistro1
One of Metropolis' hipper spots, LeMarvin is located in Park Ridge, just next to the exclusive Twin Oaks shopping center. The place for fine dining outside of the hustle and bustle of downtown, LeMarvin features candlelit ambiance and private dining rooms for its VIP guests. Even Lex Luthor himself was rumored to eat there at least twice a month.
Cost: $$$$$
Rating: ****
Food: The finest steaks and seafood available in the city
Foodie's Notes: My Daily Planet expense account didn't allow me to actually eat there, but I've heard the salmon and steak plate cannot be beat.

Mo's Cafe1
A Downtown Metropolis institution, Mo's Cafe is noted for its service and great MoJoe coffee, which is roasted and ground on the premises. Serving only breakfast and lunch dishes, Mo's has always been the place for workers in Hob's Bay to grab a quick bite between shifts. Mo's reached the peak of its popularity during the second World War. It was slated to be demolished in the late 1970s before a private group of investors bought it and lovingly refurbished it to its original condition. They even hired the daughter of the original owners to operate it. If you want to beat the breakfast rush, get there early - it's not unusual for all of Mo's 38 booths and 50 spots at the counter to be filled by 7:00 A.M.
Cost: $$
Rating: ***
Food: Full service breakfast menu with lunch specialties.
Foodie's Notes: The Hob's Hammich - a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich - is the way this foodie likes to get his day started, along with a steaming cup of Mojoe coffee.

Ralph's Pagoda2
Near Hob's Marina, Ralph's is a local landmark. Despite numerous closures by the health department - it really is against the law to butcher goats in the back room - Ralph's has a loyal clientèle with strong stomachs that has kept it going for years.
Cost: $
Rating: *
Food: American-Chinese with a rotating daily lunch and dinner special.
Foodie's Notes: Stay away from the egg foo yung. Get in early for dinner - there's a better chance that the vegetables haven't spent all day in the steamer.

Silas's Deli1
Located on Broadway in the heart of the theater district, Silas's is Metropolis's answer to New York delis, featuring 50 different sandwiches named after Metropolis theater and movie stars of the 1940s and 1950s. While seating is limited (most customers order take out), be sure to check the walls for authentic Swannies - autographed sketches of celebrities by noted artist C. Swan.
Looking for a quiet time at Silas's? Good luck - thanks to its central location, the deli is usually packed with people from lunch until closing.
Cost: $$
Rating: ***
Food: Deli-style sandwiches, salads, and soup.
Foodie's Notes: For a spicy meal, go for the Nancy Nolan with Silas's signature seasoned fries. Delicious!

Street Vendors

Downtown and in a hurry? Metropolis boasts one of the larger populations of street food vendors on the East Coast. While quality varies, street food is generally fast and cheap. Vendors are required to prominently post their street vendor license and their food service certificates. You will find that many vendors also post their Serv-Safe certifications as well. Metropolis's street vendors are actually assigned their spaces and many of them have been in the same place for years.


Visitors to the city will discover a wide array of hotels, motels, and bed-and-breakfasts throughout the city. They range from the world-class Metropolitan, located downtown and featuring spectacular views of Hob's River and Centennial Park, to Mae's, a bed-and-breakfast in Queensland Park, famous citywide for its proper English teas every day at 4:00 P.M. sharp.
The most expensive hotels tend to be near the southern end of New Troy, while those located in Queensland Park, Park Ridge, and Bakerline tend to be more mid-range in their prices. The resorts on St. Martin's Island range from extremely affordable to very expensive.
Hotel and motel chains are well represented within the Metropolis area with a heavy concentration by the city's two airports. Reservations can be made at any Info Hub or at the Metropolis Visitors Bureau located downtown adjacent to the Planet Square.

The Abbey1
Located on St. Martin's Island, the Abbey is known as a getaway spa for visitors the world over. Features include 64 rooms, a full spa, and workout room.

Apollo Hotel1
Near Hob's Bay, the Apollo is an economical (cheap) temporary housing alternative. The Apollo features furnished efficiency apartments as well as single and multiple occupancy rooms with daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Berkeley Lodge1
Near Perez Park, this hotel features three pools connected by an ingenious system of locks and dams, allowing guests to swim in all three on the first, third, and fifth floors without leaving the water once! Eighty-six rooms.

Blake House1
A privately run bed-and-breakfast in Bakerline, it has 16 rooms, each with a fireplace, desk, king-sized bed, and full telecommunication hookups.

A small hotel in Midtown. Clean, simple, relatively inexpensive. A favorite of visiting businessmen and women in the know.

Centennial Hotel1
Situated one block north of Centennial Park, this hotel features world-class service and dining as well as 154 luxurious rooms and suites. Ideal for any occasion, the Centennial was made famous during the "Nightfall" crisis when it opened its rooms and its kitchens to local residents who had no where else to turn. Superman himself was present afterwards when the mayor presented the Centennial with a commendation.

Standing out among its neighbors on a quiet street in Queensland Park, this 1920s-era building features rooms with period furnishing, as well as gas lights in all the corridors and rooms. The hotel has 35 rooms.

The Executive Suite1
Located downtown, the Executive is where the traveling businessman stays while in Metropolis. Each of its 75 suites features full virtual offices, including digital assistants. Also included in the rooms are T1 lines, faxes, laptops, and 24-hour free Web access.

Hotel Grosvenor1
Rebuilt from the ground up in the early 1990s, this hotel has been returned to its 1950s decor and elegance. The hotel offers two restaurants - a formal dining room and a 1950s style cafe, complete with thick milkshakes and fries - and 65 rooms.

Hotel Metropolitan1
Located downtown, the premier four-star hotel in Metropolis has 200 rooms, three luxury penthouses with private gardens, and its own conference center. This hotel is best known today for its starring role in 1947's Star Hotel, which featured Nancy Nolan and Robert Cain.

The Landmark1
Its name says it all. Designed by the world-famous architect Floyd Wighte, the Landmark sits on three sculpted acres in Park Ridge, near the junction of the Hob and West Rivers. Its veranda, which seats over 200 on its multiple levels, is the ideal spot to watch the sun set over the city. The landmark has 120 rooms, each one with a unique design.

Metropolis Statistics

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