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Given the differences between the Movieverse and the general universe of DC Comics, it is assumed that most of the data here concerning Metropolis pertains to the year 1999. (After the Reeve films and before Superman Returns)

Population Facts

Population: 10,920,000;

5,415,351 New Troy;
1,740,091 Queensland Park;
1,809,983 Bakerline;
849,575 Park Ridge;
615,179 St. Martin's Island;
489,821 Hell's Gate

Population growth: sustained 4% annual growth since 1980

Median income per household: $41,634.20

Unemployment: 4.2%

Percentage living in poverty: 8%


Temperature (Fahrenheit)

Average yearly temperature: 54° - 70°
Summer highs: upper 80s to low 90s
Winter lows: 10s to 20s
Average winter wind chill: 30

26° - 38°
68° - 85°
27° - 40°
67° - 84°
34° - 49°
60° - 77°
44° - 61°
50° - 66°
53° - 72°
41° - 54°
63° - 80°
31° - 42°


Average monthly rain fall: 3.13 inches

Average yearly snowfall: 6 inches


Public schools: 1,225 (including elementary, middle, and high schools in all boroughs)

Private schools: 875 (including elementary, middle, and high schools in all boroughs)

School year begins roughly at the end of August and lasts until the beginning of June.

Colleges and universities: 107 in all boroughs.

Top 11 include: University of Metropolis, Metro University of Art, Metropolis Institute of Technology, Metropolis State University, Nordham University, and six local community colleges, each named after the particular borough they are located in. UMet, MIT, MSU, and Nordham all offer bachelor and graduate degrees in various disciplines, while the Metropolis Community College system offers associates degrees in a wide range of subjects, as well as certification for teachers, nurses, mechanics, and electricians.

Major Employers of Metropolis

Bakerline Naval Shipyard: 14,108 employees
WGBS (including WGBS studio staff and all holdings): 8,136 employees
S.T.A.R. Laboratories: 1,297 employees
The Daily Planet (editorial and production): 670 employees

Industrial Technology: Led by S.T.A.R. Laboratories, technological and sciences research greatly advance Metropolis's economy.

Manufacturing: As a result of Metropolis's considerable technological industry, serious demands are made for large machinery and delicate components. Because of this, several robotics and heavy machinery manufacturers have major plants, as well as their headquarters, in Metropolis.

Service: With a large population and great volumes of tourism traffic (44 million visitors annually), substantial numbers of Metropolitans are employed in service sectors, from retail to public service. Service positions are always available, keeping the city's unemployment rate much lower than nationwide averages for a city its size.


Roughly 1 in 125,000 people will encounter a person-on-person criminal act in Metropolis.

For the eighth year in a row, Metropolis's crime statistics have continued to drop, thanks to the efforts of the Metropolis police department, Community Watch programs, and a booming economy.

1999 Crime Statistics for Metropolis
Murder and Non-negligent manslaughter-8%-17.8%
Aggravated assault-5%-3.0%
Violent crime vs. persons-7%-7.5%
Larceny theft-6%-6.4%
Motor vehicle theft-10%-15.1%
Crimes vs. property-7%-9.8%

GuideDaily Planet Guide to Metropolis, from WEG

Additional material from the The Atlas of the DC Universe, from Mayfair Games

Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel (Hardcover) by Scott Beatty (Author)

Wikipedia Entry

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