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What is the Movieverse?

The Superman Movieverse is the Universe detailed in Superman the Movie (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), and Superman IV - the Quest for Peace (1987), Superman II (the Donner cut - 2006), Superman Returns (2006), as well as Supergirl (1984).

The Superman Movieverse itself is based off of the Silver Age (1955-1970) and early Bronze Age (1970-1986) DC comics starring Superman, Lois Lane, et al.

Key points within the Movieverse are: Baby Kal-El arrives on Earth after the destruction of Krypton with some, if not all, of his eventual superpowers intact at the time of his arrival. He is adopted by Kansas farmers, Jonathan and Martha Kent. Jonathan Kent dies of natural causes when Clark is seventeen and a high-schooler.

Lex Luthor is a mad-genius who may or may not have lived in Smallville, Kansas for a time and known Clark Kent. This version of Luthor is what is found in the Movieverse - while this version is quite capable of having been a powerful businessman, what we see is a megalomaniac obsessed with real estate and destroying Superman. This also means that while Lexcorp (standard in the modern DC universe) may have been a power in the past under Lex Luthor's management, if it exists in the Movieverse, it is not openly controlled by Lex Luthor. Luthor is also much older than Clark.

Discrepancies appear between the various films. Superman the Movie (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), and Superman IV - the Quest for Peace (1987) can be considered, for the most part, a united whole. The Richard Donner version of Superman II presumes a variant ending to Superman the Movie, one where Lois is not killed as a result of her rental car falling into the crevasse and Superman does not reverse time to save her. In the Donner version of Superman II, the nuclear explosion that frees the three renegade Kryptonians is one of the missiles Luthor fired in his mad scheme to destroy the U.S. and Canadian coastlines. Instead of the famous 'amnesia kiss' that erases Lois's memories of their time together, Superman reverses time to undo the damage the Kryptonian convicts did to Earth. In this version, no one remembers the Kryptonians' destruction except for Kal-El (Superman) because it never really happened.

Superman Returns is, loosely, a sequel to Superman II. According to at least one interview with director/writer Bryan Singer, Lois recalls having a liaison with Superman but does not know (or recall) that he is really Clark Kent. Other logical inferences include: the world does not remember the Kryptonian attack and Superman never made a promise to the President of the U.S. that 'I won't let you down again.' Had that promise been made, even in an alternate timeline, it is unlikely Superman would have left Earth to return to Krypton, no matter how convincing the evidence of its survival. This implies that Superman Returns is more closely related to the Donner version of Superman II than the Lester version.(Which then begs the question, if Kal-El turned back time and he and Lois didn't have a liaison afterwards...)

Of such issues is Fan-Fiction born.

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