2011 Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards
2011 Winners and Final Nominee Lists

The Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards were created in 2007 by htbthomas to honor the many fanfiction authors writing in the Superman Movieverse.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners - your peers have elected you the best.

All banners created by januaried.


Best Overall Super Short

Best Ficlet

Best Overall Short

Best Overall Mid-Length

Best Overall Epic


Best Fluff

Best Action

Best Angst

Best Humor

Best Family-Oriented


Clois Romance

Other Pairing Romance (Het)

  • Winner:
    Lois Lane/Richard White in Settling by saavikam77
  • Also Nominated:
    • Ella Kent/Theodore Gregg, in Revelations by repmetsyrrah

Other Pairing Romance (Slash/femslash)


Best Kiss

Best Love Scene

Best Cliffhanger

Best Reveal

Best Parenting

Best One-Liner

  • Winner:
    “I stopped and smiled at her. "It's called masturbation, Lois. I'm sure you've heard of it."” (Clark to Lois), Pillow Talk, Part 5: Insatiable by alphielj
    "Falling was so much like flying... at least until one reached the ground." Stars by kyrene
  • Also Nominated:
    • “She [Lois] reminded him of certain barn cats back home, the sort that would hiss and spit if you picked them up, give you a disdainful look if you tried to approach them when they were otherwise occupied, but if they wanted attention, they'd worm their way into your lap meowing and purring until you had to pet them or be smothered in cat fur.” LS Snapshots: A Predestined Alignment by kalalanekent & anissa7118
    • “"Lois, while we do love your temper, maybe we should dial back the urge to kick Captain America in the face," Peter suggested[...]” (Peter Parker to Lois while she's delivering Jason), Distress Managed by Pervyficgirl
    • Funny. he thought. It seems that the only people at the Daily Planet who don't know that Clark Kent is Superman are the reporters.” Extra Duties by Lucilla
    • “It started with something like a hot poke, right beneath her ribs, and Lois would've thought for sure it was the pot roast they were just finishing, except Clark had cooked dinner, and he'd never serve anything underdone, on penalty of his mother's wrath.” Past Tense by saavikam77

Best Ending


Best Dialogue (non-romantic)

Best Description

Best Plotting

Best Canon Characterization

Best Use of Supporting Characters

Best Villain

Best Original Character

Other Bests:

Best Work-in-Progress

Best Completed fic of any length

Best Series


Best Overall Author

  • Winner:
  • Also Nominated:
    • mithen
    • repmetsyrrah
    • alphieLJ

Best Beta

  • No eligible nominees

Best Reviewer

  • Winner:
  • Also Nominated:
    • kalalanekent
    • athenesolon
    • KitKaos

As always, many thanks to the maintainers of this contest, who put in so much effort this year, and to every one who nominated and voted during the awards.

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