2010 Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards
2010 Winners and Final Nominee Lists

The Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards were created in 2007 by htbthomas to honor the many fanfiction authors writing in the Superman Movieverse.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners - your peers have elected you the best.

All banners created by rizny.


Best Overall Super Short

Best Ficlet

Best Overall Short

Best Overall Mid-Length

Best Overall Epic


Best Fluff

Best Action

Best Angst

Best Humor

Best Family-Oriented


Clois Romance

Other Pairing Romance (Het)

Other Pairing Romance (Slash/femslash)


Best Kiss

Best Love Scene

Best Cliffhanger

Best Reveal

Best Parenting

Best One-Liner

  • Winner:
    “You had an entire alien civilization's history and technology downloaded into your brain? Do you come complete with a USB port?”, Identity Crisis: Yesteryear, by mak5258
  • Final Nominees:
    • “Wouldn't that be a great headline: Superman Exposed, Man of Steel Wrecks Plane, Kills Wife's Ex-Fiancé.”, On Wings of Steel, by kalalanekent & anissa7118
    • “This was Clark, her friend, Superman, her lover, the father of their son. He was impervious to bullets and belonged in the sky, not balancing a thin line between life and death in a hospital bed.”, You Found Me, Chapter 2, by RouthFan
    • “After the first five minutes of Clark handling [the airplane controls] feather-light, [Richard had] amended, 'Touch it like a woman you really, really love, Clark. I know for a fact Lois likes it a little firmer than that.'”, On Wings of Steel, by kalalanekent and anissa7118
    • “That was one time, and it was only because it was laundry week! And so sue me if I was a little star-struck talking to a man who could fly! Besides, would you have rather I'd gone commando during our first interview?”, Life Intervenes, Chapter 5, by Wahoogal06

Best Ending


Best Dialogue (non-romantic) - Tie

Best Description

Best Plotting

Best Canon Characterization

Best Use of Supporting Characters


Best Villain

Best Original Character

Other Bests:

Best Work-in-Progress

Best Completed fic of any length

Best Series


Best Overall Author

  • Winner:
    Kalalanekent & Anissa7118
  • Final Nominees:
    • Brdwaybebe
    • RouthFan
    • Wahoogal06

Best Beta

  • Winner:
  • Final Nominees:
    • Hanakt
    • Mark Clark

Best Reviewer

  • Winner:
  • Final Nominees:
    • Saavikam77
    • JamesTKent
    • Brdwaybebe
    • Barb1808

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