2009 Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards
2009 Final Winner and Nominee Lists

The Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards were created in 2007 by htbthomas to honor the many fanfiction authors writing in the Superman Movieverse.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners - your peers have elected you the best.

All banners created by bistyboo1974.

Best Overall Super-Short

Best Overall Short

Best Overall Mid-Length

Best Overall Epic

Best Fluff

Best Action

Best Angst

Best Drama

Best Humor

Best Jason-oriented/Father-son

Clois Romance

Other Pairing Romance

Original Character Romance

Slash Romance

Best Kiss

Best Love Scene

Best Cliffhanger

Best Reveal

Best Father/Son moment

Best One-Liner

  • Winner:
    "Trouble didn't find Lois, most days she baked it cookies and knocked on its door."- from Must Be Tuesday by brdwaybebe / ChristyCat
  • Final Nominees:
    • "It could have been worse. They could have seen her 'S' shield tattoo"- from Clark Kent: Sex Fiend by Nefertiri's Handmaiden
    • Lois watched me as if it were some sort of deep moment as I studied the figure, but all I could say was, "What the f*ck am I wearing?!!"- And she was all, "Baby, it's your suit."- So I was all, "For what?! My day work at the circus?!!"- from Kal-El's Journal (Buckle Up!) by clairecheaux
    • "Um, I'm flattered, Bruce, really, but... you do know I'm married, right?"- from Lost Time by saavikam77
    • "For a moment Perry just sat back, saying nothing and looking grim. Then from a desk drawer he produced two keys and placed them in front of his reporters. A red plastic fob on the ring of each key was shaped like a love heart. 'Don't tell me,' Lois said. 'Polly Pocket's got a grudge and now we're being warned off the children's treasurebox racket, too.'"- from Roman Holiday by AmeliaFaulks
  • Also nominated:
    • "You see me everyday Lois but you never notice. You're too caught up in your own fantasies of flying that you never notice I'm right beside you the whole time."- from Almost Empty by repmetsyrrah
    • "But I'm not strong enough to be Clark Kent to your Lois Lane anymore."- from An (Im)Perfect Moment by katshakespeare
    • "I... really... need... vacation..." from A place to call home by noux
    • "Yeah, Lois. Better cover that up before Kent jumps you right here, the kinky bastard."- from Clark Kent: Sex Fiend by Nefertiri's Handmaiden
    • "I'm eight and a half months pregnant and you're announcing your shotgun engagement to a Tanzanian princess."- She frowned interestedly, "Do you really want to define the limits of my sense of humor threshold at this point?"- from Franz Kafka's Girlfriend by AmeliaFaulks
    • "You can be my space heater anytime, Kent."- from Frantic by RouthFan
    • "I know you've harbored some jealousy toward Superman, but donning a Halloween costume to deceive yourself and take me along for the ride, that's just disturbing."- from Frantic by RouthFan
    • "You had an entire alien civilization's history and technology downloaded into your brain? Do you come complete with a USB port?"- "No,"- he shifted, holding back a chuckle. "Not actually downloaded. I just meant I had all the information of Krypton given to me. I can learn in super-speed, too, so... yeah."- "And by all the information of Krypton you mean...?"- "Everything the average Kryptonian at the time the planet was destroyed would have had access to, displayed and taught via hologram."-"Sounds boring."- "Hence the ninja temple shortly afterward."- from Identity Crisis: Yesteryear by mak5258
    • "A girl that likes to write and a boy that likes to read,"- he explained. "It's a cosmic sign, I tell you. Trust me, this little trial will pass soon enough. There'll be no separatin' the likes of you two, by man or nature I say."- from Kal-El's Journal (El Diablo) by clairecheaux
    • "Clark chucked one cheek philosophically. "I guess jail-time isn't the obstacle it once was to pursuing one's dreams of megalomaniacal criminality."" from Roman Holiday by AmeliaFaulks

Best Ending

Best Use of Supporting Characters

Best Character Interaction (non-romantic)

Best Villain

Best Original Character

Best Work-in-Progress

Best Completed fic of any length

Best Series

Best Overall Author

  • Winner:
  • Final Nominees:
    • AmeliaFaulks
    • clairecheaux
    • dandello / SHADO Librarian
    • kalalanekent and anissa7118
    • RouthFan
  • Also nominated:
    • alphielj
    • htbthomas
    • Vgerland
    • Wahoogal06

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