2009 Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards
2008 Final Winner and Nominee Lists

The Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards were created in 2007 by htbthomas to honor the many fanfiction authors writing in the Superman Movieverse.

Best Overall Super-Short

Best Overall Short

Best Overall Mid-Length

Best Overall Epic

Best Fluff

Best Action

Best Angst

Best Humor

Best Jason-oriented/Father-son

Clois Romance

Other Pairing Romance

Slash Romance

OC Romance

Best Kiss

Best Love Scene

Best Cliffhanger

Best Reveal

Best Father/Son moment

Best one liner

  • Winner:

    "I really don't know how to start this conversation, though. Oh, hi, Mister Hubbard. Sorry about those crop circles I made in your corn when I was 12. I thought it was funny. Thanks for taking care of my mom, and, by the way, I'm from a different planet. Ironic about the crop circles, eh?" - from POV by mak5258
  • Final Nominees
    • "My God. This is what her life had come to - she was nostalgic for the times when she used to start her day getting trapped in a set of revolving doors." - from Franz Kafka's Girlfriend, by Amelia Faulks
    • "I have one question for you Superman, where's Clark?" - from Hovering on the Brink by kara_el
    • "All of the knowledge from an umpteen number of races spanning twenty-eight known galaxies and they couldn't put some kind of fastener on the suit?" - from The Logistics of Being Superman by VictorianSuperman
  • Also Nominated:
    • "The Last Son of Krypton was no longer such." - from The Crayon of Truth by ThePariah
    • "Mr. Faster-than-a-Speeding-Bullet despite the fact that you probably learned to drive in an old, dusty tractor on some bumpy back-road in Nowheresville." - from Darkest Dreams by SmirkyRaven
    • "You thought I was pregnant with your baby?!" - from The Day After by D.Taina
    • "Kal-El khativ threv nahn. Rrutiv Ukuhr nahn, khativ Unah nahn mzhehiod zuhne." -(English translation = My name is Kal-El. I am your father, and I live because you are my son. ) from Kal-El's Journal by Clairecheaux
    • "My reflection belongs to a stranger," he said. "My blood to a world that no longer exists..." - from Kal-El's Journal by Clairecheaux
    • "I avoided looking at Lois as I sat down across from her, doing my best to keep superboy from pitching his tent or escaping it." - from SCORCHER STRIKES UNSUSPECTING METROPOLITIANS, by ecabs
    • "Yeah yeah, and I'm Batman...can we get on with this already?" Bruce cut in with a hint of sarcasm. - from Superman: Fall From Grace by Jedsithor

Best Ending

Best Use of Supporting Characters

Best Character Interaction (non-romantic)

  • Winner:

    Richard and Clark in Sunspots by Hadrien Asbury/clioidae
  • Final Nominees
  • Also Nominated:
    • Superman and Maryanne in Ch. 6 of Bequest by brdwaybebe
    • Sam and Kal-El in Kal-El's Journal by Clairecheaux
    • Perry and Jimmy in Sunspots by Hadrien Asbury/clioidae

Best Villain

Best OC

Best WIP

Best Completed fic of any length

Best Series

Best Overall Author

  • Winner:

  • Final Nominees
    • alphielj
    • Clairecheaux
    • Hadrien Asbury/clioidae
    • kalalanekent and anissa7118
    • saavikam77
  • Also Nominated:
    • AmeliaFaulks
    • E Kelly
    • Eviefan
    • mak5258
    • SHADOlibrarian/dandello
    • SmirkyRaven
    • Wahoogal06

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