2009 Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards 2007 Final Winner and Nominee Lists

The Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards were created in 2007 by htbthomas to honor the many fanfiction authors writing in the Superman Movieverse.

Best Overall Super-Short

Best Overall Short

Best Overall Mid-Length

Best Overall Epic

Best Fluff

Best Action

Best Angst

Best Humor

Best Jason-oriented/Father-son

Clois Romance

Other Pairing Romance

Slash Romance

OC Romance

Best Kiss

Best Love Scene

Best Cliffhanger

Best Reveal

Best Father/Son moment

Best one liner

  • Winner:
    "Honestly, not even I pictured you as the love-them-and-leave-them-pregnant type. No wonder Lois wrote that article about you - hell hath no fury like a woman who gave birth to aliens." Little Secrets by kalalanekent and anissa7118
  • Final Nominees
    • "Lois, why is Superman sleeping in our bed?" The Day After by D. Taina
    • "There's something to put on your resume, Lois - 'I was Superman's baby-mama'." Christmas With The Kents by kalalanekent and anissa7118
    • "I just said she had red hair and green eyes. You're the one adding all the adjectives. Typical writer." The Green-Eyed Monster by alphielj
    • "What are you, a lovesick puppy? Much more of this and you'll become Super-Stalker. Faster than a high-speed camera, more powerful than a restraining order..." Then And Now by htbthomas
  • Also Nominated:
    • "He could crush her so easily with that hand. And just as easily with a caress as with brutal force, because his softness was deadlier than his iron strength. It unraveled everything inside her." from Everything Light and Good by LostNSpace
    • "Because you are a magnificent burden, Kal-El." from Kal-El's Journal by Clairecheaux
    • "Oh, we are on the brink of something great, alright," she thought. "Us-" from Meant to Be by blueowl
    • "Jason has asthma. Or at least you think it's asthma. Maybe it's some weird Kryptonian wheezing thing you get when your mom is human and your dad is a deadbeat." Wave If You See Me From Afar by apocalypsos
    • "Whatever was in Richard's special blend, Clark wanted nothing to do with it." Starbucks Couldn't Buy This Kind of Promotion by xenokattz
    • "Tell the truth now," Called a voice behind him. Richard spun around, startled, only to see Clark. Looking very, very innocent. "Were you smoking?"- from Clandestine Affairs by tinheart
    • "Of course, what's a measly hundred and twenty-five pounds compared to the weight of an entire wall of rock?"- from In the Shadow of My Father by alphielj

Best Ending

Best Use of Supporting Characters

Best Villain

Best OC

Best WIP

Best Completed fic of any length

Best Overall Author

  • Winners:
  • Final Nominees
    • bistyboo1974
    • kalalanekent/anissa7118
    • Tandrelmairon
  • Also Nominated:
    • SmirkyRaven
    • Clairecheaux
    • sean_montgomery
    • tinheart
    • likeadeuce

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