All I Have by Dandello (AKA Librarian)

Confessions by Dandello (AKA Librarian)
A bad day leads to a confession. Now Clark must deal with the consequences

Healing Hearts by Babettew54
A retelling of Superman Returns with a twist - Lois remembers... Everything!

I'm Not Cheating by Vgerland
Post SR - Lois and Clark are married and life is going well - more or less.

In Another Lifetime by Kala Lane Kent
A reworking of Superman II in a series of episodes.

Little Secrets by Kala Lane Kent
Set after the events of SII - When Superman Returns, Lois has more than one secret and more than one complication in her life.

Outsiders by repmetsyrrah
A series of related oneshots about the lives of ordinary people living in a world with a Superman.

The Planes by Dandello (AKA Librarian)
Superman Returns - Lois & Clark Xover.

Poison by repmetsyrrah
Lois and Clark's lives and the lives of their children after Superman Returns.

Quints by repmetsyrrah
Jason wanted a baby brother or sister - but five at once?

Supergirl Returns by Marcus Rowland
Earth gets another strange visitor from another planet - and the planet will never be the same.

Revelations by repmetsyrrah
The Kents have to deal with the consequences when Clark is forced to reveal his identity to the world.

Seasons in Shadows by Dandello (AKA Librarian)

Snapshots by Kala Lane Kent
Set before Little Secrets, snapshots of Lois Lane's life.

So Close by Kala Lane Kent
Set in the universe of the Original Movieverse Superman III, Lois Lane returns to Metropolis following her vacation in Bermuda... But things changed while she was gone.

Superman Returns by Laurence Ireland
Sequels to Superman Returns

Time After Time by Kala Lane Kent
In the aftermath of surviving Nuclear Man's attack and Lois' veiled confession in Clark's darkened apartment, both of our pairing wonder just where they go from here.

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