Printing the Stories

The Printer Friendly link on each story creates a page suitable for printing using the print function of your browser. The pages are created using a 12 point Garamond font. The actual font you see will depend on what you have on your computer but it should be suitable for printing.

But some browsers do a better job than others and the default settings may add things to your page you really don't want. (You're printing out a story - do you really want the file name and the time on every single page? Well, if you don't...

In Firefox: File > Page Setup > Format & Options. Make sure 'Portrait' is checked. Go to Margins & Header/Footer. Here you can choose what other things you want to be printed and where. My personal advice is to set all the Header/Footer options to --blank-- except for one with the Page #. Set your margins to what works for your printer. The browser default is .5 inches all around. If you plan to bind the pages, you will want to increase the appropriate margin. Remember, the wider the margins the more paper you will use. Double check your settings by going to File > Print Preview. This will show you how the page should look from your printer.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7: File > Page Setup. (Or click the little printer icon and choose Page Setup. You can also reach this window by going to Print Preview and clicking the little cog icon.) The margin default is .75 inches and the default header prints the page name and page# of # (&w&bPage &p of &P). The footer default prints the file name and date (&u&b&d). To print only the Page name and page number, change the header to &w&bPage &p. To get rid of the file name at the bottom, change the footer to: &b&d. Note: MSIE 7 also appears to have a little glitch printing the stories that are broken into chapters. Instead of allowing the first chapter to start on the same page as the title and author information, it puts in a page break. This only occurs in the stories that are broken into chapters.

Safari: File > Page Setup. The margin default is 1 inch all around. There does not appear to be any way to change what appears in the header or footer. Luckily the default appears to be the page name and the date and time, both at the top.

If you're using a different browser, send along the print setups for your browser and we can add it to this list.














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